Friday, February 27, 2009

Striking a Match

in so many more ways than one.

A few years ago, a group of us committed to "tending the flame" of the Goddess Brighid, who goes by many names, and is a Saint in Ireland. Each night at sunset, one of us would light our Brighid candle, and symbolically tend the flame until the next sunset (with the liberal application of common sense about not sleeping with burning candles, or not leaving candles burning when we went out).

Some of us had virtual candles that we kept lit during the day. Some had battery powered ones that we "burned" on our desk at work. Those who could, kept a true flame burning as best they could. We would be mindful of opportunities to learn Her wisdom as the day progressed.

At sunset the next day, we would mentally "pass the flame" to the next person in the list. They would carry the flame, in truth and symbolism, until the next sunset, then they would "pass the flame" to the next person.

On the 20th day, we would pass the flame to the Goddess, who would then tend it, and shelter all of us under Her mantle of light. And then the cycle would begin again.

Many of us found our day of observance to be full of creative impetus, or of a deep and abiding calmness. The 20-day cycle provided a "break" from our standard ways of measuring time - not based on a 7-day week, or a calendar, or even lunar month. It created a deep awareness of something greater than ourselves.

We are honored to begin this journey once again, with some new faces, and some familiar faces - and look forward to seeing the evolution of this space as we each find our way to a deeper connection to our Goddess, and to each other as those who keep Her flame.

Blessings of the Forge,