Saturday, April 25, 2009

Welcoming a New FlameKeeper

Greetings on this changing day of the Brighidine Cycle - at Sunset - Brighid passes the flame to Lisa and we begin again.

We welcome a new flamekeeper - Joanna - to our Circle - she will catching the flame on Day Four from Lesley and passing it to Cyd. I have invited her to join our blog, and ask that she tell us something about herself.

Looking forward to the next cycle - and to learning from the wisdom of the circle...

In Her name and in Her service,

Day 19 - Reflections

Sunset is coming later and later as the seasons dance their way across the face of the planet, and my flame burned quietly on my altar and in my heart as the evening dark crept into the room.

My thoughts were of Brighid the healer - a dear friend is in the hospital "doing poorly" as my Gran would say - and we offer prayers for her speedy recovery. Jacinthe's dad was in the hospital with a virus, and in great pain. Various other friends and family members have their own healing journeys - and I'm overdoing it a bit in the Spring Cleaning department and finding out that "My bendy is broken" - those pesky abdominal muscles that were surgically invaded are not as strong as they should be / could be - and I'm paying the price. Here's to the concept of pre-Folk Festival sit ups - we'll see how that goes.

I've been dreaming deeply and marginally prophetically this week, in the days leading up to my Flamekeeper day. Dreams of strong women doing great things and being very wise ... if I could only remember what they say and figure out how "what I dream" is to influence "what I am to do". Maybe lavendar tea at bedtime?

The Goddess has been gracious, and sustains me, like a gentle rain on the dry winter-dehydrated earth - and I am grateful.

In Her name, and in Her service,

Day 19

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 17

Brighid, at the gate
cloaked and quiet
I am bid

You stoke the flames
keeping me warm

Burning bright as flame
inside my eyes
down deep
I am mute

Smoke-sharp is your tale
enfolding me
strongly -

Enclosing and silent
quiet secrets

Ashen from the fire
spiraling in
and again

~inspired by Brighid on Day 17 as Katie kept the flame

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 13

Since we're just starting up on this, I'm still working on how best to endulge in Brighid's creative inspiration these days.  This round, I wasn't inspired to writing as I usually am, but was drawn outside to the gorgeous spring scenery that was around my work.  So instead of anything Goddess inspired, you get the work of Her hands themselves!