Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shift 19 - Monday sunset to Tuesday Sunset

I carried the Flame in my heart as a group of us gathered in sacred space to drum away grief and drum up power and joy in living fully in each moment. The circle of women sang, we cried, we danced, we drummed, we wailed, we howled, we chanted, we invoked the Fire of Her Bright Spirit to be with us, to give us strength, to light the darkness, to melt the frozen places, to boil the righteous anger into action, and to make us feel and embody the passion of Her presence in all we do.

From a woman in her 70's to a woman of barely trips around the sun - from all paths of life, from all corners of the circle, we created the fire, we warmed ourselves with the warmth of sisterhood, we dried our tears of grief, and we went singing into the night.

And the next day - with a sore voice whispering Her name, and sore arms raised in prayer - I passed the Flame to She who Bends and Shapes us All.