Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 15 - sunset Aug.18

I began my turn of the cycle on the evening of the 18th at sunset. As I lit the candle I noticed how much earlier the sun is setting since last time. It reminds me that autumn is drawing nearer and while there is still some summer left, we are getting closer to the time of year when there is more hours of darkness than light. For me the time of year between Mabon and Yule is my favorite, so I look forward to this. I thanked Brigid for helping to inspire me creativly over these summer months and asked her continueing help in this area. As I have this week off for holidays, it was wonderful to be able to have the flame lit during the day, and be able to spend the day working on my creative projects, honoring her. Finally, as the sun set on the envening of the 19th I celebrated the dark moon, and I honored her crone aspect. I look forward to my next turn in the cycle in 20 days time.