Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 19 - Blowing on the Coals


My Flamekeepers night this cycle came at the midpoint of a very hectic week at the end of a very hectic month, and it was upon me almost before I realized that it was my day.  I was exhausted - energy at a low ebb.  I felt like I was a fragile uncertain flame that needed tending more than having energy to do my sacred duty.

Funny, it is when the universe rises against us that we find ways to dig a little deeper.  My "falling asleep" meditation, in the deep cold dark of the night where my heartbeat was the only flame I could light for My Lady after blowing out the symbolic candle I lit earlier.  I imagined that my heart was a piece of charcoal - glowing softly red and warm in my chest.  With each breath, I drew in the blessing of the Lady - thinking of each good thing that I have been given in this past cycle.  Mentally, I placed a small piece of tinder on the coal of my heart, and the exhale of my breath was a soft blowing of air on the coal.  Breathe in, be grateful, add fuel to the fire, and blow on the coals.

Over the few minutes it took me to really focus on this exercise, my started feeling myself renewed.  Not in a raising of energy kind of way - it was bedtime, after all, but in a restorative heart-fire kind of way - filling up my energetic tank, stoking the fire of my engine for the next day and week ahead.  I put up a good supply of fuel, and a strong fire glowing in my being for the adventures of the future.

I drifted off gently into sleep, warmed from the inside out, immersed in my blessings, feeling the gifts of the Goddess surrounding me in warmth.  I slept deep, dreamed even more deeply, and awoke refreshed.

Thank you, Brighid, for tending the fire in my heart, and keeping me safely centered in the flame of your blessed care.