Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 2 - The Flame Glows

I got home from a wonderful dinner just as the sun was setting. We already had a candle and holder picked out for this. So I hurried off to gather it up and set it on the alter. As the sun dipped below the horizon a few minutes later I lit it.

It was a feeling of being apart of something bigger, something that could easily have a global base. With the candle lit I returned to the tasks I knew must be done with a renewed vigor. A bit of writing and a bit of house work. I had the urge to set aside my regular project and worked on Questions of Faith, a much more spiritual project then the others.

Brighid was there and she moved on. Leaving a small piece of herself and her flame with me to connect me with the others and as a reminder of our time together until the next time.

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