Friday, March 27, 2009

March 25th; 5th Night

My night as flamekeeper, the fifth day was partially done in the ER.

It was my last day for my ER clinical rotations and even though I couldn't hold a candle or a flame, there were many lights that could have acted as one for me.

The EKG monitors in the nurses station had flickers of yellow and red; aptly colored for flame, the changes of the heart causing the lights to change. From yellow to red and then of course we would check on them to make sure they were okay, even though we could tell by the monitors.

No physical flame, but one held mentally.

For the rest of the night once home, I kept the mental flame. To light a candle seemed to almost diminish the connection I had with the fire of Brighid. Perhaps it was because I held it in my mind and within my soul for the start of the night.

I was awake until the sun crept it's way into my room. I thought of passing the light on and gave into the sleep my body wanted.

It was interesting to start this at work and to carry it through at home.


  1. How powerful. Utilizing visualization and energizing personal intent is very effective. Nice mental image you shared. :D

  2. Thank you. You work magic when and where you can. Brighid is also a Lady of healing... which, when I was working and writing this, didn't cross my mind!